During the Dark Ages of Europe, a time when it is said that “God and His angels slept,” war was in the air and vileness was rampant among the villages.  Evil reigned, as the Roman Catholic Church sought to control all mankind.  Crusaders marched through the Holy Land, parading God as their patron while leaving their families behind to fend for themselves and their countries to be invaded and ruled by tyrants.  But then, one of the few lights in the midst of darkness was born — a young boy — with blood in his veins of a near-extinct people.

      His journey begins when he is unexpectedly taken from the man he knows as “Father” to be trained as a knight. In the care of Lord Norington, the greatest military lord in all of the British Isles, the young man, Keegan, adopts the life of the family but resists embracing their radical beliefs which were not in agreement with the Roman Catholic Church. However, after being trained and influenced by Lord Norington, one of the godliest men of the time, Keegan surrenders to the faith. 

      While training to become one of the greatest knights of his day, he is plagued with questions from his past and does not know the significance of his bloodline. Then, when he is twenty years of age, a stranger makes him aware of what he does not know. That which is then sought to be reconciled is the truth of the Scriptures with the myths and tales of the Ancients. Mystery shrouds his very existence, such as his being mentioned in the ancient prophecies of the Essenes.

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Rebel Hearts is the first of two novels by the author, H. G. Johnson.  Come and explore Faith, Love and Courage in this riveting novel.  (260 pages)

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